Announcement Archive

The following is a list of archived announcements from the home page. They have been archived because they are either no longer applicable, or because it is assumed that they have been seen by, or passed on to, all users by now.


Just a reminder: The Maine DOE Videoconferencing system is going inactive on July 1st this year. Please make sure anyone planning on using the system knows about about this cut-off date.

Some of our member sites have started receiving bills from Fairpoint for T1 services. These can be ignored.
Update: If you receive a bill from Fairpoint, you can discard it. There was a computer error that they have corrected and the bills will be resent to us by Fairpoint. No action is required on your part. We apologize for any trouble this may have caused.

The MSLN Webserver has disabled support for FrontPage Extensions. For the past couple of years we've tried to make everyone aware that FrontPage Extensions are going away, due to Microsoft deprecating them. That time has finally come, and web administrators using FrontPage will need to change their upload method.

For information on what this means for you as a web author, please visit the FrontPage Extensions Article.